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Introducing Nae Nae’s Bake-o-Rama

A business owned by a mini-entrepreneur, and fundraiser for Houston Elementary School playground in Mt. Airy.

Get sweet treats delivered to your door by the cutest riders on wheels!

Nae Nae's Bake-o-Rama is a homemade baked goods eco-friendly delivery business run by an 8-Year-old in Mt. Airy. 

With Nae Nae's you can order your choice of baked goods and get them delivered to your door by Naomi and her twin little sisters by bike.

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How It Works


I will alert my mailing list when I'm baking and delivering, with a choice of different delectable treats.

Use this form to place your order.  


My sisters Daphne, Aviva and I will deliver your goods by bike the following Sunday. You'll receive an email by Saturday with your expected delivery window.


Cash payment or Venmo accepted upon delivery.


Some weeks we have generous donation matches. See below for details. Click here to sign up to be a donor!


You will get the cutest delivery in the window of time you are alerted to!


  • You must be in the 19119 zip code

  • These baked goods are baked by me, a 8-year-old girl. I am not a professional baker and cannot guarantee that the items will be allergen-free.

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St. Patrick's Day Menu for Sunday, March 20th  Delivery

  • Mint chocolate chip cookies! ($2.00)

  • Green chocolate covered Oreos! ($2.00)

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About Nae Nae

Hi! This is Naomi Bloom, founder of Nae Nae’s Bake-o-Rama. I’m an 8-year-old girl at Houston Elementary who loves to bake, rollerblade, and bike. 

I have younger twin sisters, Aviva and Daph, that will help me with deliveries.

I also like snowy owls, the color orange and mac n' cheese and I can't wait to fill your tummy!

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Houston Elementary School Playground Restoration

After raising over $1000 for Houston Garden, Nae Nae's Bake-o-Rama is transitioning to raising much-needed larger funds to restore Houston Elementary School Playground's beautiful wood structures for the long term - for Houston students and for the community. The wood is rotting and some aspects are becoming structurally unsound. Yet, so many aspects of the playground are irreplaceable by the District today, including the sandbox, swings and wood.

Studies show that natural materials are developmentally advantageous for kids. So, we want to preserve, not replace. A first rough estimate is $50,000 to do major repair on the rotting wood foundations, beams and fence.

50% of revenue from Nae Nae's will go directly to Houston (the little entrepreneur will have some!), as well as additional donations.

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Donor Match

Are you able to help more? Would you like to provide a natural play experience for ALL Philadelphia public school kids? Your donation can deeply help! We are looking for business and community members to match up to 10:1 for sales of Nae Nae's baked good to restore Houston Playground!

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Just Donate?

If you'd like to simply donate, rather than match, Families for Houston, a 501(c)(3) is accepting donations to restore Houston Elementary playground! If you'd like to write a check, it should be made out to Families for Houston, 236 E. Roumfort Rd., Philadelphia PA 19119. THANK YOU for your support of all of this.

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As Seen In the News

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Mt. Airy 7-year-old baking goods to save playground

June 2021

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Naomi Bloom's efforts will help bring new life to the Henry H Houston School's playground

August 2021

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